Indianapolis Metal Fabrication

Press Brakes

IMH has a range of press brakes in a variety of sizes to meet our customer’s needs. We have both up and down acting brakes that range from 35 to 750 tons, with beds up to 24 ft long. Our experienced operators along with our large selection of press brake tooling, allow us to form complex and intricate bends.

We can efficiently set up for short batch or longer run production quantities. We often utilize 3D CAD bending software to program our brakes for maximum accuracy and speed.

  • Cincinnati Proform 175 Ton, 12’ Break with 5-Axis Backgage
  • Cincinnati Proform 90 Ton, 8’ Break with 5-Axis Backgage
  • Cincinnati 600 Ton Break with CNC Backgage
  • Cincinnati 230 Ton, 12’ Break with 3-Axis Backgage
  • Pacific 750 Ton, 24’ Break
  • Pacific 200 Ton Break
  • Accupress 100 Ton Break with 4-Axis Backgage
  • Accupress 100 Ton Break with 4-Axis Backgage
  • Accupress 400 Ton Break with 3-Axis Backgage
  • Standard Industrial 200 Ton Break with CNC Backgage
  • Amada RG 80, 8’ Break with CNC Backgage
  • Amada RG 35 Break with CNC Backgage

Turret Presses
IMH has five CNC controlled Turret presses available to cut and form parts. We can punch up to ¼” mild steel on our turrets and have a wide variety of tooling already available to form our customers parts.

  • 3 Amada Turrets
  • 2 Strippit Turrets

IMH has Four CNC Controlled Shears available for precise blanking of parts.

IMH has flexible assembly line options to install PEM studs, fasteners, tapping, weld nuts, or other assembly items. IMH has a lot of experience assembling electric motor assemblies into custom fabricated housings.

Additional Processes
IMH is able to bend and roll form angle and bar stock. We can punch, notch, drill, and saw material to specification. IMH regularly manages coating process such as powder coating, hot dip galvanizing, e-coating, anodizing, and screen printing.